Animation & VFX
Our team of talented animators possesses mastery over the art of displaying movements through a sequence of images and an engaging storytelling experience that binds the audience in a knot of awe-inspiration.
Web & App Design
Web & app solutions that look appealing, run smoothly, and feel amazing, served fresh straight from our IT department. We render the latest technology at your disposal and help it reach the masses.
Graphic Designing
We aim for the ‘WOW’ response to our graphical designs, made with an amalgamation of constructive criticism, top- notch resources, creative minds, and ingenious concepts. At Petal Digital, we not only have ideas, but we also execute them!
The best idea may never win, but the best-executed idea always wins. Here, we create traffic that interacts with your e- commerce business intending to engage in the long-run. Great experiences always attract word of mouth.
Trend mapping, strategic ranking, and influential networking for your social presence with tricks & hacks from industry experts! We believe that through the power of online collaboration and meaningful networking, your presence would thrive.
Lead Generation
Cooking content, approaching formula, and after- engagement services with the intent of solving the customers’ problems. We don’t save the good stuff for the end, our every delivery is an equally satisfying one which helps us make a customer, not just a sale.
Film Promotion
Success stories behind your favorite films had a 9 letter word behind them i.e., promotion. With marketing budget being half of the production budget in majority of the cases, it plays an integral part in the end result of a project.
Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality
Fabrication of complex virtual environments with artificially programmed intelligence that rivals the omnipotence of even the smartest of human beings alive! With our brains and your desires, we could create any possible future.
CSR Activities
CSR plays an important role in tax relaxations & reputation building of a business. This is seen as a positive move by an organisation to deal with its environmental & social impacts in an ethical and sustainable way.

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