According to international reports, in a post-COVID era, an average person will spend approximately 26 hours/week on the internet. This will bring further revolution in the global marketplace. This would not only replace the traditional marketing methods with digital ones but will also proliferate the online consumers’ content requirement and retention period

Traditional marketing is more expensive, offers no trackability for the campaigns, and proffers negligible audience filtering options. Whereas digital marketing is not only less expensive but also more customizable.

Petal Digital’s founders and the core team members have their roots of expertise as deep as 10+ years in the industry. Being one of the three daughter companies of mutual founders, Petal Digital, best digital marketing agency in Indore, enjoys advanced resources with profound mastery in each one of them. This unlocks a pool of creative possibilities for our prospects.

We’ve been proffering our services to a plethora of sectors like education, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, music, films, etc. With a dedicated team for each possible segment, we ensure personalized results with our swiss army knives like digital ninjas.

Our SEO team works 12 hours a day to ensure that your website soars as high as an eagle in the Google pages. So, even during fierce competitions, with the art of SEO, we could rank any website in 1-1.5 months.

Social Media & Search Engine ads proffer the ability to trach, manage, customize, change an already running ad, and target a specific set of audience through them. This isn’t possible through a regular traditional approach. Offline advertisements experience a major flaw of not being able to track its progress and fruitful delivery to the correct prospects.

Digital marketing has shown significant growth during the COVID-19 recession. When the offline sources were not available, the online world helped the people in meeting their demands. This increased the demands eventually.

A company with moral values, with highly experienced founders & team members, one which strives to innovate even the newest of ideas, and creates an atmosphere led not only by the intellect but also by the emotions. At Petal Digital, we instill all such values into a compressed episode of creativity. This makes us the best digital marketing agency in Indore, and one of the best creative innovators in India!

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