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Digital Marketing is less of an expense and more of an investment. In today’s Cambrian explosion in marketing, high technological acumen is vital for market research, website development & optimization, campaign management, API integrations, etc. It’s like a digital seed that reaps beneficiary results with time and we strive to make our marketing not feel like ‘marketing’, but just any other naturally engaging activity for the target audience through proper usage of facts, principles, concepts, creativity, and data. How do we do it? Let us enlighten you about our team!

In 2013, there was an idea, to bring together a team of remarkable freelancers, see if they could become something more. See if they could work together when the brands from every industry needed them to conquer the digital world. This team, after being appraised by the FE WWE became Petal Digital, best digital marketing agency in Indore, with all its might. Focusing upon client satisfaction, connecting the dots of advanced resources, business marketing needs, and working towards making you not only famous but also the ‘the most liked’ brand in your niche.

We believe that only one aspect of marketing isn’t enough to keep up with the ever-changing buzzwords, trends, concepts, labels, approaches, etc. So, we execute our plan-of-action with a 360-degree, integrated proposition. Merely understanding the concepts of digital marketing isn’t enough to satisfy our desire to surpass creative limits, lead marketing innovation, and facilitate a dynamic industry that isn’t expected to settle for a long time into anything predictable.


The process

1. Brief

Knowing what our prospect desires & requires.

2. Research

A thorough research on the brief’s probable impacts.

3. Concept

Forging a creative concept to execute our PoA (plan of action).

4. Presentation

Presenting our deliverables & its effect on your goal!


A Growth that is Organic, Classic,
& Truly Fantastic!